Friday, July 8, 2016

Summer Dresses - Halter Swing Dress

With the weight loss (which is a post for another day), I can finally wear dresses confidently.  So this year I been on the lookout for nice summery dresses.  One of the styles that I'm really liking is the Swing Dress, especially ones that are a halter bodice.

One of the things that is great about this style of dress is that it can be casual pared with a flat or even flip flops, it can be dressy with heals, and with the addition of a cardigan, it would be great for the office.

The other great thing about these dresses is that you can find them at various price points.

I came across this one at Anthropologie.  I really love the color of it.
Anthropologie Swiss Dot Halter Dress

Another one that I like, and actually the one that I bought is this one from Old Navy.
Old Navy Halter Swing Dress for Women

It's very similar to the first one, but at a much better price, which is great if you want to shop the trend, but don't have a huge budget to work with.


  1. Love those dresses!

  2. I got a halter top maxi dress at Dress Barn for $30 for a fancy dinner we had to go to. It was SO comfortable, looked great and was a great price to boot!! LOVE that I dropped it on, added nice earrings and a pair of sandals and I was ready to go to the formal dinner!